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2017-01We are now in our new offices working @ Recyk with the MicroMarché and MicroFactory. New adress is Quai Fernand Demets 55- 1070- Bruxelles ( low entrance in front of the canal ).
2016-12 New project for a single house in Petit Enghien
2016-11 New project for a single house in Chaumont Gistoux
2016-10 Competition WON!!!!
oPla has just been informed (and is super happy) that he has won the competition for the creation of the fablab that will take place in the Greenbizz's Building.
2016-08 new Project for a new Yogaroom in Uccle
2016-07 new Project for a new housing complex of about 10 appartements in Wemmel
2016-06 You can now follow us on Facebook to keep updated about our work
2016-06 we have just published the competition we've done with FParchitecture for Chasse Gray
2016-05 Works starting next week on our CasaNova B4 project
2016-05 Project Colonel Joubert selected for Inventaires #2 publication
2016-04 Tender documents just finished for the zome project
2016-04 We've just received the mission for a new Project for the interior of a loft of 240m² in the Casa Nova residence (D2) in partnership with Ines Camacho.
2016-04 Building permit for the refurbishement of a house in Kraainem is delivered. Some pictures soon on our website
2016-04 Building permit for the project Monte Carlo is delivered
2016-04 Welcome to Pauline Gonieau that will reinforce our team starting this month!
2016-02 New Project for the extension of a house in Woluwe
2016-02 Construction site just began for TERVUREN 2