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TYPE: Competition,institutional, cultural
CLIENT: Hub.Brussels ,
SURFACE: 60 m²

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This circular project has been designed by oPla architecture and build by: MCB Atelier

with the participation of:

Maak and transmettre Bel Albatros Sonian Wood Rotor DC Epigone BC materials

«Brussels House» is a project that started with the opportunity to move the liaison office of the Economic and Commercial At¬tachés of and the Tourist Attachés of to Milan.
Firstly, the aim of this refurbishment is to offer more comfort to its occupants on the one hand, and on the other hand, to enhance the image of Brussels with potential inves¬tors and tourism professionals who visit the office.
Secondly, the project was designed to be scalable and adaptable. Indeed, several cities around the world, and mainly in Europe, have a liaison office shared by the two regional organisations: Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, etc. The idea then became to create a layout for Milan, that could be reproduced in other offices, depending on the space available. Graphic charter, colours, typology, modular furniture, decoration... are all elements to be created in order to define a common and recognisable identity in all the liaison offices shared by and The overall ambition of the project being to set up a general scenography which showcases Brussels’ entrepreneurship, culture and way of life; to promote Brussels’ (neo)exporting companies; and to create a total Brussels experience for investors and local partners.
If there is one sensitive issue today, it is that of resources and materials. Almost no field escapes this question, especially architecture & design. The « Brussels House » project takes the approach of experimenting and assembling a series of local, circular and experimental logics and materials, all of them Brussels-based, and all of them with a marginalized CO2 impact as well as with specific aesthetic qualities.

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